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The Nomads

NomadicLives is a result of a sporadic decision of four 20-somethings. The four of us happen to be colleagues (and friends) in the digital industry. The nature of our work requires us to engage with several web-publishers on a daily basis, many of them with ingenious content, immaculate design and amazing fan-following. Considering our varied personal interests, we decided we could just as well do something similar if for nothing but to simply provide an avenue for the things we love to be expressed more freely and make them accessible to more people than just our circle of friends. A few dollars and some effort later, NomadicLives was up and running and we will continue to develop it with our thoughts, opinions & experiences into what we hope will one day become a universally accepted catalog of beautiful, fresh, engaging content.

The Nomads:

Sanket D.

The thing about these author descriptions is that they are never a constant. As time passes, we will all progress, digress, grow and become something that isn’t quite the same as what this page describes us to be; so I will make a conscious attempt to only include constants here. I’m an explorer – I find immense joy in exploring; be it places, things, human beings, thoughts, projects, space, everything. My contribution to this blog will revolve around my travel experiences, sports, music, entertainment, events and a little bit of this and that at times. I’m a moody, ‘wannabe’ musician, an obsessive reader, frantically chasing a free-willed life. You will see flashes of arrogant, passionate egotism in my posts from time to time, but trust me, there’s nobody who believes in objective freedom more than I do. I’d love to hear from anybody who happens to read my work and I hope you all find something to relate to. 


Akshay S.

 A Gamer by heart, a Programmer by choice and a Chartered Accountant by qualification. A fan of everything mythical from Ram’s Ramayana to Odin’s Asgard. A logical rationalist who will give you everything from extreme opinions to simple technical guidance. 


Riya M.

Well, by now you’d think we’d all be geniuses at writing about ourselves owing to a gazillion different social platforms these days! I still sometimes draw a blank – not because I don’t have anything to write, it’s just where do I begin? Being from North India (Delhi mostly), I’m a huge foodie at heart and all other organs included. Not only do I love my Butter Chicken and Naan from anywhere in Delhi, I quite enjoy baking my famous cupcakes, cakes and brownies on weekends, and making my friends fat. Thanks to my Dad, who has actually driven from Delhi to Kanyakumari , I’m a sucker for road trips and exploring new places – to discover Europe by road is the dream! Apart from these obvious things about me, I’m an extremely passionate person and love finding joy in the little things in life; yes, enjoying the smell of the earth after the first rain and cuddling in bed watching a movie counts. Gym, Sports, Shopping, Gaming; absolutely anything I can do, I want to do.


Abhishek S.

I am an Internet Junkie, a casual gamer and a fan of Japanese Animation (Anime). While I come from a technical background, I’m currently working in the field of business development. I’m someone who regularly keeps himself up-to-date regarding current events related to the tech industry, so you will see me giving my thoughts on what’s new and what’s cool. I’ll also be contributing towards gadget reviews/comparisons, how-to’s, random things on teh internetz, etc. along with anything else that piques my interest.


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