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I graduated from School of Commerce as a Bachelor of Business Administration. I am currently working as the Executive Board Member of Students for Liberty-Mumbai(https://www.facebook.com/studentsforlibertymumbai) and the board member of Global Youth Forum-Mumbai(https://www.facebook.com/globalyouthforumMumbai). I have a keen interest in the Indian society and its administration, especially the polity and sociology of the society. I am extremely passionate about films and cricket. Currently, I am also learning about internal literacy, which deals with channelising and guiding our body's internal energy according to our own will and learning more about the body and the mind.
The Uneducated Literates – Our Education Model

The Uneducated Literates – Our Education Model

According to the Oxford Dictionary, Education is the process of receiving or giving systemic instruction. Humans, by that logic, have been educating and getting educated since their origin. And that is the problem. We are either donkeys or machines. We are only educated and not learned. The systemic instruction imparted by schools and colleges have bound us into a web ... Read More »

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