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We are a young lot; we are an inquisitive lot. We’re ever curious to know what you think of the content, the thoughts, the design, the structure, the layout and what not.

I’m a major Da Vinci fan here and will never forget that he said “Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.” 

I’d love to hear from one and all of you. If you have any suggestions whatsoever, please feel free to contact me by email – I’m in that phase right now, where I’ll respond to every one of you!

For feedback, suggestions and comments, or if you wish to write for Nomadic Lives on a permanent or a freelance basis, please drop in a note at sanket@nomadiclives.com.

Learning - Michelangelo

We are Still Learning!


The pictures on this site may belong to us or alternatively could be from the web. In case it’s the latter, we take reasonable care to cite the original source for most times. On the odd chance that you come across a picture or content which you believe belongs to you and doesn’t credit you, please feel free to drop in a note and we will make the required changes! In case you wish for a certain picture belonging to you, to be taken off the site, kindly piss off – ain’t happening! HA! I’m just kidding – just drop us a note and it will be off, but we’re hoping this situation never arrives! If you see a picture that belongs to you, it clearly means we like it and HEY, that’s good on you right? 😉

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