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Contest Alert – AirBnB Bucket List Challenge

The commonest excuse I’ve heard from people putting off their travel plans reads somewhat like this – “It’s too expensive! I’m broke…I don’t get paid enough to afford a trip like that” and the ilk of that thought! To be fair, I’ve used that cursed excuse countless times too. With the currency constantly spiralling to what seems like a never-ending abyss, it’s somewhat justified – though of course there are things you can do and SHOULD do to save up for that legendary luxury-stay in Santorini you’ve been dreaming of for years. For the benefit of those that look for an external push to set them in motion towards their dreams, AirBnB and one of my favorite travel bloggers – Shivya Nath have collaborated to bring you an opportunity of a lifetime!

For those who do not know (welcome fledglings) Airbnb is a website for people to rent out lodging – simple as that! It has over 500,000 listings in 33,000 cities and 192 countries. So how’s this different from any of the other booking portals on the world, for instance Booking.com? Well, because this is largely a direct C2C model if I may say so. Hosts from the world over list their properties, inviting travelers and backpackers to live with them and enter their homes & their lives! You can read all about it on their website here.

Why Homestays:

During my recent travels to The Lakelands of Cumbria in north-west England, I lived at a lovely BnB owned and run by a charming local lady – while it wasn’t the same as sharing living space with a local family, it was highly rewarding (the whole story coming up sometime soon…jeez I hate a full-time job sometimes). She was able to share tremendous local insight with me and stories that I’d have otherwise never known. She also introduced me to some great regulars of the in-house bar who went on to become some of my first few travel-buddies ever! So yes, homestays are relatively cheaper than standard accommodations, barring perhaps hostel dorms – but then these aren’t for everybody. Homestays are made for those that love the comfort of a home on the road at an affordable rate, and like I already mentioned, it’s the best possible way to have a peek into the social lives & culture of the local people!

So What do I Have to Do? What IS the contest you ask? Fair question! Here goes:

The Contest:

1) If you haven’t already, sign up on Airbnb with this link. Whether you win or not, you get an instant bonus of INR 1,500 for use towards your first Airbnb stay (already a win-win, yeah?). If you are already signed up, move to (2).

2) Browse through Airbnb’s Hand-picked Wish Lists or other awesome stays on Airbnb.

3) Put your creative genius to work and creatively share an Airbnb experience you want to tick off your bucket list, using #AirbnbBucketList on Twitter. Remember to specify WHERE you want to stay with a link or picture, and explain why!

If you are not on Twitter, write your answer as a comment on The Shooting Star Facebook page‘s contest post

The most creative answers win, picked by none other than one of my favorite travel bloggers around the globe – Ms. Shivya Nath!

Remember that your entry will be eligible to win only if you are signed up on Airbnb. You are allowed a maximum of 3 entries per person. This contest is open to Indian citizens only. Read the Terms and Conditions.

All of This is Awesomesauce, but WHAT do I WIN? Another fair question my Einsteins! Read on then, trust me it shall not disappoint:

Three grand prizes worth INR 30,000, INR 20,000 and INR 10,000, to book Airbnb stays anywhere across the world.

This means YOU get to choose wherever you want to stay from amongst AirBnB’s collection of the most breath-taking homestay listings ever! Great yeah? Here’s some of the places you could be staying at:

*All pictures are from the AirBnB Website Listings!

Important Dates:

The contest starts at 3pm on September 5th, and ends at 11.59 pm on September 10th. The anticipatory agony doesn’t last long either – winners will be announced in 3 days on the 13th!

How Do I Improve my Chances of Winning?

One WORD: Be Creative! Remember there’s nothing worth having in this world that comes without substantial work! There’s an element of luck involved perhaps, but the most you can really do is to summon every ounce of your creative genius and pour out your emotions within 140 characters!

Oh and yes – of course be a contest-evangelist! Speak about it with everybody you know, share, and spam (make sure you don’t include me when you do this) all your besties with requests to sign up – trust me people won’t hate these half as much as Candy Crush Requests! This won’t win you squat on it’s own, your entry has still got to be appealing, so there then! You have to do what you have to do – make sure you do it well and leave the rest to the fair lady from The Shooting Star!

AirBnB Contest Poster

Please Note: This contest is being hosted by Shivya Nath (the head and body behind The Shooting Star). Nomadic Lives has no affiliation to this contest in any way – I’m just putting this out for the benefit of my dear followers (and to secretly boost my own chances of winning :P)

Good Luck & Godspeed!

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  1. Lovely blog ! so wats your fav Airbnb experience so far ?

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