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I hate describing myself! I cannot justify all my idiosyncrasies in just a few words, and for that matter, I myself haven't even discovered most of them yet. What I do know at the moment is that, I am passionate about travel, photography, adventure sports among other things, the most recent being writing. I do not see them as hobbies, but as a way of life, since each and every one of them satisfies my inner being. I very recently discovered that I like sharing! And to that end I decided to start blogging to share my experiences with anyone who would choose to listen.
Nomad’s Guide to South Island, New Zealand

Nomad’s Guide to South Island, New Zealand

New Zealand had been on my bucket list since quite some time now. Having heard about the wonders of the place and its people from animate and inanimate sources, I was quite eager to set foot there. My fascination for this adventure-filled destination finally drew me to this corner of the planet last January. I went there to spend a ... Read More »

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