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Finding Safe Budget Accommodation in New York

Budget Accommodation in New York

Last year, I made an impulsive decision to finally visit New York, which I had been postponing for many years. I’ve always wanted to check out the city’s most famous landmarks—like Time Squares and the Empire State Building—as well as the other hidden gems that are known only to born-and-bred New Yorkers. And so, I started booking a flight and packing ... Read More »

Three Hidden Gems to Find in New York City

Hidden Gems, New York City

No city has as much written about it as New York City. It is nearly impossible to write a guide to the sights and sounds of the place without descending into cliche. It’s simply too famous. As one of the most visited cities in the world, with some of the most iconic tourist attractions in the world, it can be all too easy ... Read More »

Budapest Party Guide – Nightlife Secrets

budapest party guide

Amidst the frenzied popularity of Europe’s usual suspects, Budapest quietly flies under the radar. It excels in just about every form you wouldn’t expect! The world will continue to flock to the Amsterdams, and the Ibizas, and the Londons, and the Munichs of the world. If you want to party without burning a hole in your pocket though, you really have to ... Read More »

Retox Party Hostel – Your Budapest Party HQs

Retox Party Hostel

Remember all those Eurotrips you saw in movies, and dreamed of experiencing ever since? Never-ending parties, cheap alcohol, drinking games, kissing strangers, lifelong friends (with names you don’t remember), nudity (lots of it), unchecked gregariousness and everything else? Well, that pretty much sums up my experience at Retox, a place that became home in a week’s time. By now, many ... Read More »

The Best Backpacker Hostel in India — Madpacker’s, Delhi

Madpacker's Delhi - Best Backpacker Hostel in India

If there’s one major hang-up I have about traveling in India, it is the lack of quality backpacker hostels that cater to solo travelers, but thankfully the hostel landscape is changing a wee-bit in recent years. Things are speeding up further with the arrival of hostel chain Zostel, looking to establish itself in some of the backpacker circuits. A lot of ... Read More »

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