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10 Raging Party Destinations in the World

Every traveler I know has his own set of priorities with his travel; there are some that travel for the experience, some that travel for the destination, some that travel to explore new cultures and some that travel to meet new people & make new friends. A very close friend of mine travels comprehensively to party! He claims that’s his way of blowing off some steam in an otherwise stressful profession; and to be fair it’s true isn’t it? Letting loose and revealing your wild side is a key ingredient in making unforgettable memories from your travel experiences.

The unique experience presented by various party destinations provide the necessary ambiance for such wild fun. Numerous cities in the world have established themselves as party hot-spots that every party animal should make a point of attending and experiencing nightlife like never before. Here are our picks for 10 of the best party destinations around the globe that stand out for a unique experience. So if you’re planning a bachelor party, a spinster party, a grad-party or just looking for an excuse to party, you’ve really come to the perfect place. Let the raging begin ladies!!!

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  1. Wow, Mykonos as a party destination – I never knew. I had it marked as an idyllic little Greek Island.

  2. Nah, Vegas was dull in comparison to NEW ORLEANS! Have only been to two of your party places. Disappointed in myself.

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