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10 Raging Party Destinations in the World

3. Europe’s Bohemian Lovechild!

Popular for its lager and affordable prices that accompany the brew, the Czech Republic is yet another European clubbing hotspot worth considering. With breweries in the countryside hosting epic beer fests, this is one destination that everyone who loves the sip should definitely visit. Prague hosts numerous clubs such as Lavka Club and Bar, Karlovy Lanze and Yes Club which spin their tunes from dusk till dawn. For both clubbing, dancing and a late night drink, Prague is the place to visit. Online club guides can be accessed from http://inyourpocket.com and http://czech-travel-guide.com. Prague is also renowned for its unbelievably amazing architecture and some really charming street life.

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  1. Wow, Mykonos as a party destination – I never knew. I had it marked as an idyllic little Greek Island.

  2. Nah, Vegas was dull in comparison to NEW ORLEANS! Have only been to two of your party places. Disappointed in myself.

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