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10 Raging Party Destinations in the World

8. The Island of the Winds

Another party spot in Europe, the Mediterranean island of Mykonos has gained popularity as being the wildest of the Greek islands. During the day, people flock the beach for nude sun-bathing and frat boy parties. At nightfall, the world renowned Myokonian clubs come to life and present the perfect party atmosphere. Paradise Club, voted the best club in Greece has everything you’d expect for an awesome night under the moon. Other clubs include Cavo Paradise, El Pecado and Space Dance Catering for the club-hoppers. Visit www.clubbersguide-mykonos.com for further information on the best clubbing spots in this piece of paradise.

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  1. Wow, Mykonos as a party destination – I never knew. I had it marked as an idyllic little Greek Island.

  2. Nah, Vegas was dull in comparison to NEW ORLEANS! Have only been to two of your party places. Disappointed in myself.

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