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10 Raging Party Destinations in the World

7. The Land of Tango!

Buenos Aires in Argentina is a city marked with an exceptional party culture. The kids in this part of the world are raised with an unrivaled partying stamina unlike anywhere else.

tango dance buenos aires

Participate in a Tano-Dancing Festival in Buenos Aires

With trendy restaurants, all night dance clubs and bars, this South American capital offers diversity and sophistication in its nightlife. While clubs like the Roxy Disco, Niceto Club and the Basement club play loud music for revelers to dance the night away, Le Bar stands out as a French martini lounge that provides an alternative nightlife option. Such is the variety presented by this extra-ordinary party destination. For more information, visit www.buenosairesnightlife.com.

creamfields - buenos aires

Creamfields – Buenos Aires

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  1. Wow, Mykonos as a party destination – I never knew. I had it marked as an idyllic little Greek Island.

  2. Nah, Vegas was dull in comparison to NEW ORLEANS! Have only been to two of your party places. Disappointed in myself.

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