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3 Exotic Summer Destinations in India

We’ve had a decent winter this time round – chilly, breezy, even rained on a couple of occasions; for a country used to soaring temperatures, moderate climate like this is a bit of a novelty. As we march through April though, the sun is beginning to recover some of its lost ferocity and depending upon where you live, you will either be dripping buckets of sweat or feeling the dry hot air burning your nostrils. Fortunately, summers are also the season of vacations, at least for the school & college-going lot  (sorry all you corporate buffs). Most families (and the odd hippies like us), abandon their houses and seek respite at some remote hill-station or beach. With the massive diversity that India’s landscape offers, fortunately there’s no shortage of places to break away too. We’ve worked our asses off for several weekends and put up a list of our top 3 summer destinations in the country; places that are friendly to the families just as much as the solo hippie 🙂

Summer Destinations

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  1. I’ve never been to India… not yet anyways. These places sure are exotic and enticing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I also have not been to India. Must go one day. I imagine India being stifling in summer but the climate must be as varied as most other large countries.

  3. All of these look like amazing places to visit, I’ve only experience the “corporate India”, literally, as I’ve been there only through work and only in the cities. And I have to say as a Finn living in Norway this made me chuckle – “20-30°C between April – June; definitely pleasant by Indian standards” 🙂 That would be a heatwave here!!

    • HA! That’s very true. I was in Ireland last month, and everybody seemed to love me because my visit coincided with the warmest heat-wave the country had seen in more than a generation – everybody believed I brought along from back home! 🙂

      India is very diverse as a country – so weather & climate can vary significantly. If you’re talking Mumbai/Bombay, we have 2 seasons here – the summer & the wet season! Winters are a namesake

  4. I’ve never been to India, but I really want to go. It seems so fascinating and full of culture and history, though I’ll have to be sure not to go in the middle of summer. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Amazing tips on some wonderful destinations! Loved Dharamsala, so peaceful.

  6. Good info. Andamans are beautiful, but the place is little humid in summer season. It is best visited in Nov-Dec.

  7. Very good info thanks.

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