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Meet The Nomad

Hello ladies, gentlemen and those who remain – you are all welcome 🙂

Greetings from the dusky charmer behind Nomadic Lives! This is my dominion and I write about experiences from my travels, often mingled with random ramblings from my ever-restless mind (more often than I’d like to admit, it’s more of the latter!)

Unlike most travel blogs (and by God, aren’t they popping up faster than ever?), the story behind Nomadic Lives’ inception is a little different. Nomadic Lives didn’t start off as a travel blog. It started off as a collaboration between three of my friends and I – we started this website with a view to speak about our varied set of interests; however, like typical millennials, our priorities and individual focus changed rapidly and within an year’s time, the present day Nomadic Lives was conceived.

the nomad

Pouring the perfect pint at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin

At the age of 23, I gave up an extremely comfortable job with one of the largest advertising companies in the world (have you heard of the Yahoo! Bing Contextual Ads?) and took a position at The Blue Yonder – a travel company that specializes in developing tourism experiences around ‘local communities’. Want to know how I quit my job in favour of long-term travel [Read: How I Quit My Job to Travel! NOT]. I wasn’t yet prepared, to drop everything I had and plunge into the bliss that is the life of indefinite nomads. Over the next few months (or who knows, it could be years?), I’ll work with The Blue Yonder towards building unique experiential travel experiences around local communities and facilitating meaningful, responsible travel opportunities for culture fiends like me.

 My Niche

While it’s quite evident by now that I love to travel and write, I take a specifically keen interest in connecting with locals and becoming a part of their circles, even if for a brief period. I’m what I famously (or not) coined as OCG – obsessive culture geek! A variety of rice exclusive to a remote village in India, a local brew invented accidentally, the history behind Ireland’s national capital – these are things that catch my attention faster than the tall, hot blonde at the neighbourhood pub (well…not really, but you get the point)! Broadly, local, experiential travel can be described as my own personal niche within the great horizon of travel bloggers and it will be my personal pleasure to bring some of these stories to all of you through my blog!

Few Quirks About Me:

I’m an explorer – I find immense joy in exploring; be it places, things, human beings, thoughts, projects, space, everything. I’m extremely moody and sometimes destructively bi-polar, a ‘wannabe’ musician, an obsessive reader, and frantically obsessed with chasing a free-willed life. I’m a part-time beer guzzler and a borderline alcoholic; more alarmingly I’m also a workaholic and an expert loafer! By now, you may have noticed I lead a life of severe contradictions – explains much about the perpetual state of chaos I experience! (what can I say, I just try and keep it exciting! HA)

If you ever find yourself in the same neighbourhood and want to catch up, do not hesitate to drop me a note – I’m not very sociable at my worst, but there’s nothing a couple of beers and/or a shared love for travel and/or Emma Watson can’t help! If you have suggestions about the next place I should visit, click here to email me. You can also reach me on FacebookTwitter or Instagram – and be sure to subscribe to my newsletter!


Some of my favourite adventures yet:


  1. Hahahaha, you’ve gone through so much you tiny little thing, how??
    This is so cool, I hope this turns out to be one of the best trips of your life. And keep writing 😀

    • mm

      Poof! Nobody of any relevance has ever called me ‘tiny’ yet! What can I say? I suppose chaos is in a one-sided relationship with me. Follows me wherever I go. I’m considering getting a tattoo titled ‘Agent of Chaos’! Maybe that will pacify her?

  2. Hey Sanket, very nice introduction! 🙂
    I am wondering from which part of India you are and what languages do you speak? I am in localization industry so I always find it interesting to hear about various languages.
    BTW. “Aspiring Pirate” got me completely!
    Looking forward reading more posts soon.

    • mm

      Thanks for stopping by Nika! What can I say, I try to keep it cool! HA.
      My family is from Goa, but I’ve been born and brought up in Mumbai. Earlier this year, I also spent some time living in Pondicherry, which used to be a French colony in South India.

  3. Hi Sanket!!
    Great introduction…Great stories!!I enjoyed your about me.Hope to read more of your posts:)great work!!keep it up!

  4. Hi ,
    Read some of your Posts , which were very appealing and interesting .Thank you for sharing your Experiences with us.Keep writing.
    My Blog http://www.mysrilankantrip.com/

  5. Hi Sanket, it’s nice reading your blog 😉 keep going this way !

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