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10 Raging Party Destinations in the World

9. Gomorrah of the Mediterranean Sea

The European party capital of Ibiza in Spain lives up to its playful title; Gomorrah of the Mediterranean Sea. Popular with the rave and the foam party, there are numerous clubs in this party loving island where house music is the dominant sound. The legendary club, Pacha is perhaps the most famous of the entertainment spots where revelers party the night away with music from world famous DJs. This island paradise provides the perfect get away where people can let go and do all the wild things that they could not do at home. For more information on clubs in Rio, visit www.timeout.com.

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  1. Wow, Mykonos as a party destination – I never knew. I had it marked as an idyllic little Greek Island.

  2. Nah, Vegas was dull in comparison to NEW ORLEANS! Have only been to two of your party places. Disappointed in myself.

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