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Alcohol & Sigmund Freud

Alcohol & Sigmund Freud

One of the most intriguing theories I came across during the course of my formal education was Sigmund Freud’s Structural Model of the human psyche described beautifully by dividing the human brain into 3 hypothetical parts, namely – the id, the ego and the superego. For the benefit of those who haven’t heard of these terms before, Freud describes the ... Read More »

The Nomads

NomadicLives is a result of a sporadic decision of four 20-somethings. The four of us happen to be colleagues (and friends) in the digital industry. The nature of our work requires us to engage with several web-publishers on a daily basis, many of them with ingenious content, immaculate design and amazing fan-following. Considering our varied personal interests, we decided we could just ... Read More »

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