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Banana Choco-Chip Bread

I’ve made it a personal mission of  mine this year to try and make/bake things that I’ve not tried in the past – so the attempt at this recipe stems from there. It’s more of a cake-bread than just a bread-bread and tastes just heavenly. The recipe sounds so easy and no-fuss that you might be skeptical about the outcome, but why do all good things need to be hard to get (bake, in this case)? And this recipe proves just that. This wonder is ready in just around 60 minutes and will barely require any effort from you.

I made it last weekend and it didn’t even survive till Monday! This is a MUST BAKE, MUST EAT recipe! P.S. It tastes even better the next morning.

If chocolate is not your thing, you could easily substitute it with walnuts or candied oranges. Add a little bourbon if you want to make it boozy 😉

So here’s presenting – The Banana Choc-Chip Bread!



  1. nice! im trying this the next weekend! with the booze ofcourse 🙂

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