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A Local’s Guide to Mumbai (Bombay)

Tourist Attractions:

I believe the biggest attraction for any traveler coming to Mumbai is bound to be its diverse metropolitan culture. Despite having lived in this city all my life, I can’t help feeling amazed from time to time by the sheer determination with which people in this city co-exist with the massive number of fellow humans in the city. Some of the major tourist attractions you would want to check off your list are summarized below: Museums & Galleries:

kala ghoda, mumbai

The Kala Ghoda Art Festival – Mumbai’s Focal Point of Visual Arts

The Kala Ghoda region in South Mumbai is a designated hub of culture and fine art! You will find several brilliant museums and galleries in this area, including the excellent Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja Vastu Sangrahalaya (The Prince of Wales Museum) and the Jehangir Art Gallery, which has housed exhibitions by some of the largest names in the industry. Take a peak at the Nehru Centre Art Gallery at Nehru Planetarium in Worli for some mind boggling science & space related exhibits. Architecture & Colonial Buildings: Mumbai, or Bombay in erstwhile times, has been the chief entry-point to India ever since the Suez Canal opened up. As a port and industrial hub, the city was extremely vital to the British and they took good care of it. Testimonial of this can be seen vastly in the southern part of the city. Some great samples of the Gothic revival, Neo-classical and Indo-Saracenic style are seen within this area. Best way to explore is to take a stroll around the wide streets from Churchgate to Colaba. These areas are beautifully planned, with sizeable, wide pavements – a stark contrast to the rest of the city. Famous monuments on this route: Gateway of India, The Municipal Corporation & Police Headquarters, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (Victoria Terminus) – which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Mumbai University buildings & the High Court are great testaments to the colonial architecture in the city. The Marine Drive in south Mumbai, stretching from the National Center for Performing Arts right up to Chowpatty beach, is lined with buildings built in the Art Deco style – Mumbai is second only to Miami in the number of Art Deco building; this includes famous cinema houses – Regal Cinemas & Eros.

CST, Mumbai

The Iconic Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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  1. We have not been to India or Mumbai yet. Would love to visit this city, it looks amazing and is so big and crowded! 20 million people on 603 sqkm!! That is crazy! Back home in Norway we are a total of 5 million people on about 385000 sqkm! 🙂 We are currently in Indonesia, thinking about where to go next. India just climbed high up on our next-to-visit-list :). How many days would you recommend us staying in Mumbai?

  2. The last time I was in Bombay was about a year ago. I want to go back… love the city for its energy!

  3. This is still on my list of places to visit – hoping to get to India in the next couple of years – so I will remember that it is an expensive place to stay. Perhaps for a night or two I could stretch the budget!

  4. I remember the crazy traffic and being nervous to cross the street that we ultimately decided just to keep to our side of the street!

  5. The subcontinent and its volume of people is always staggering!

    I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting India (however it is one of Sarah’s favourite countries), however I think I can imagine the sheer volume having visited Bangladesh a few years ago!

  6. I’m actually not fan of Big cities. Yet mumbai
    Seems to be interesting. And wow that train. I thought we have the worst here in the Philippines. But wow, that looks more tough. Hehehe

  7. 20 million people? There are only 5 million in Scotland – cannot comprehend this!!

  8. I actually really enjoyed this little read…..very well written. I would love to visit Mumbai, probably will one day. I like both the beautiful outdoors as well as the hustle and bustle of a big city… In fact I think you can find quite a bit of culture in these cities….The modern world with old world beliefes meshed into one..sounds cool.

  9. Here is my additions to your locals guide to Mumbai from an actual Mumbai local
    Mumbai is about great food , vada pav and panni puri in Khao Galis. taporis, elephanta caves, kaali peeli taxis, a zillion people in dadar station, madness in mumbai locals. beautiful victoria terminus and India gate , Juhu beach,
    Beautiful Navy nagar in Colaba, the marine drive, home of Bollywood, and the God of cricket

  10. Seems to be interesting…I really enjoyed this little read!!! very well written.

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