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Playing The Guide in Goa

Day 4

The next morning, I was to travel to Thivim station with a friend of mine to purchase our return tickets. The 45 minute scooty ride at 6-7 am in the morning was one of the most breath-taking pillion-rides I’ve experienced in recent years. You have to cross a good part of Saligao district to get to Thivim from Goa, dotted with small local chapels, beautiful little chalets, bungalows, restaurants and farms – a scene worth experiencing. We also passed the historic Mapusa city on our way to Thivim – some of the Mapusa market roads are really reminiscent of characteristic, Portuguese influence. Ridding pillion, I was in an inspired photography mood and managed to click plenty of really beautiful pictures along the way. Do check them out below (and forgive me for some of the blurry ones – not really a pro at this).

This was also the day the monsoon properly set in in Goa. While our original plan was to set out for South Goa and explore Palolem – maybe even stay there for the night and leave in the morning. The downpour that started by the time we reached Baga again meant it was impossible to make the long journey south. We decided to take our bikes out and just roam about aimlessly in the neighborhood! Given that it was pouring cats & dogs, I took a huge gulp of whiskey to keep the cold out and set off with the Activa I’d developed a special bond with. We drove through Saligao and back and ended up at the far end of Calangute Beach – a part of the beach that isn’t frequented by too many tourists. Unfortunately, given that it was pouring, we don’t have too any pictures from these few hours, which were pleasant to say the least. The remainder of the day was spent indoors as the rain continued to pour and we began to appreciate the warmth of a closed shelter around us for the first time on this trip 🙂

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  1. Good writing, I could almost feel and smell the crowdiness. What a frustrating train journey, but you write with such humour.

  2. Damn about that train ride – sounds like a wonderful place to visit.

  3. Sounds like a very interesting train ride. Your beach pictures are amazing. Good job playing the tour guide.

  4. Ooh love the beach photos! Train rides are such a great way to see the country but there’s always ups and downs which seems you’ve discovered. Just another part of traveling!

  5. I will be visting goa for the 1st time with my friends for 4 days & your post was very helpful, got a brief idea about the places & now i am dam excited to visit them.

    • mm

      I’m very happy to hear that Aayushi! If you want to dodge the crowd, you might want to consider a short visit to South Goa, especially Palolem; though at this time of the year, Goa is unlikely to be as crowded as it might have been last month! Good luck and let me know how it turned out for you 🙂

  6. Very well writen, ery informative and helpful. Planning to be there in last week of December and hope the enjoy the place you have experienced it.
    Thanks a lot.

    Keep writing good stuff like this.

    • mm

      Thanks Rahul. I’m very glad to hear you enjoyed reading this. December might be a little crowded, but if you manage to beat the tourist traps, there’s a special charm to Goa around Christmas time. Good luck, and let me know if you run into any of my pet-places 🙂

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