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10 Great Exercises for Sexy Legs

1.       Squats

This is a complete body exercise – you work your glutes, hamstrings, chords, lower back, shoulders and fore-arms. Not to mention is burns the highest number of calories! The most important part about squatting, or any other exercise for that matter, is to get the form right. Basic squat form: start with legs placed at shoulders length distance from each other, slowly with your head straight, chest out and shoulders back, push your butt backwards and bend down; making sure at all times that your knees don’t go ahead of your toes. Go as deep (close to the floor) as you can and come back up in the same form. Remember to breathe in as you go down and exhale as you come back up. Ideally you should do 2 sets of 10 reps each; slowly start increasing the sets & reps as you get stronger. Apart from this basic body weight squat, you can try many variations like jumping squats, weighted back and front squats, hack squats and sumo squats. Mix up your routine by trying different variations each time.


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